Aerospace And Defense Industry

UAE arms show comes as Yemen war, suspicions of Iran linger

Feb 19, 2017

Fighter jets screaming overhead and theatrical explosions have marked the opening of an arms show in Abu Dhabi

In Israel, teaching kids cyber skills is a national mission

Feb 4, 2017

Israel is placing high hopes in the country's youth in its quest to become a world leader in cybersecurity and cyber technology, creating something of a boot camp for cyber defense

Analysis: US setting up a confrontational approach with Iran

Feb 2, 2017

Analysis: By putting Iran "on notice," the new U.S. administration is laying the groundwork for a more confrontational approach toward the Islamic Republic

Islamic State turns to drones to direct suicide car bombers

Feb 1, 2017

Faced with a diminishing number of fighters, the Islamic State group is relying on retrofitted commercial drones to guide suicide car bombers to their targets and to launch small-scale airstrikes on Iraqi forces

AP Analysis: Trump travel ban risks straining Mideast ties

Jan 30, 2017

AP Analysis: Trump's travel ban comes as Mideast security, economic ties ever-more valuable

US grants Airbus, Boeing permission to sell aircraft to Iran

Sep 22, 2016

Airbus and Boeing have received U.S. government permission to sell aircraft to Iran following last year's nuclear accord

US grants Airbus, Boeing a chance to sell airplanes to Iran

Sep 21, 2016

Airbus and Boeing got U.S. government permission to sell aircraft to Iran following last year's nuclear accord

Israel: Palestinian killed after attempted stabbing

Sep 20, 2016

Israel's military says troops have shot and killed a knife-wielding Palestinian who tried to stab an Israeli soldier near the West Bank city of Hebron

Israel uncovers illegal Palestinian weapons-making network

Aug 23, 2016

Israeli military says it's uncovered illegal Palestinian weapons manufacturing network during West Bank operation

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