Energy Industry

The Latest: Arab League chief tells Iranians to 'be careful'

Jun 15, 2019

The head of the Arab League is calling on the Iranians to "be careful and reverse course."

US says video shows Iran removing mine from stricken tanker

Jun 14, 2019

US military releases video it says shows Iran removing unexploded mine from targeted tanker; Iran denies involvement

Tankers struck near Strait of Hormuz; US blames Iran

Jun 14, 2019

Two oil tankers near strategic Strait of Hormuz are damaged in suspected attacks and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran

The Latest: Iran TV shows crewmembers of damaged tanker

Jun 13, 2019

Iranian state TV is airing footage of crewmembers on one of the tankers damaged in a suspected attack in the Sea of Oman in a room watching English language news on television

US Navy says it is assisting 2 oil tankers targeted in 'reported attack' in Gulf of Oman

Jun 13, 2019

US Navy says it is assisting 2 oil tankers targeted in 'reported attack' in Gulf of Oman

Yemeni rebels hit Saudi airport as Japanese PM heads to Iran

Jun 12, 2019

Ahead of Japan prime minister's historic visit to Iran, Yemen's Iran-aligned rebels target Saudi airport

The Latest: Khamenei says Iran won't negotiate on military

May 29, 2019

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says his country will not negotiate on issues related to its military capabilities

In UAE, Trump's adviser warns Iran of 'very strong response'

May 29, 2019

Trump's security adviser warns Iran of 'very strong response' if Tehran launches attacks on US, allies in Persian Gulf

Officials say Iran quadruples production of enriched uranium

May 21, 2019

Nuclear officials say Iran quadrupled its uranium-enrichment production capacity amid tensions with the U.S. over Tehran's atomic program

Saudis say they don't want war, but will defend themselves

May 19, 2019

A top Saudi diplomat says the kingdom does not want war but will defend itself, amid a recent spike in tensions with archrival Iran

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