Energy Industry

Foundation of rig for Leviathan gas field arrives in Israel

Jan 27, 2019

Israel's Delek Drilling and its U.S. partner, Noble Energy, say the foundation of their rig for the Leviathan gas field has arrived

Abu Dhabi's ADNOC inks $5.8B deals with Eni and OMV

Jan 27, 2019

The state-owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. says it has signed agreements worth $5.8 billion with Italy's Eni and Austria's OMV for a share in the firm's refining unit and for the creation of a new trading venture

Turkey: Gas search off Cyprus after arrival of 2nd drillship

Jan 25, 2019

Turkey's foreign minister says his country will begin a search for natural gas in waters off neighboring Cyprus after it takes possession of a second drillship next month

Iraqi parliament approves budget of $112 billion for 2019

Jan 24, 2019

Iraqi parliament approves 2019 budget of $112 billion after much wrangling over apportion of revenue

Natural gas fields give Israel a regional political boost

Jan 23, 2019

Discovery of natural gas fields off Mediterranean coast gives Israel geopolitical boost with neighbors

Iraqi prime minister visits Basra, months after unrest

Jan 20, 2019

Iraq's new prime minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, has visited Basra, a city that saw riots last summer over acute water pollution and crippling power outages

Cyprus: US to lift Cyprus arms embargo in security boost

Jan 18, 2019

Cyprus' foreign minister says the U.S. will soon start lifting a decades-old arms embargo on the eastern Mediterranean island because Washington acknowledges its contribution to bolstering stability and security in the region

Shah of Iran modernized his nation but vacillated in crisis

Jan 17, 2019

Shah modernized Iran with oil money, but seized all power; his 'Hamlet' indecision in crisis proved to be his downfall

Egypt launches regional gas forum, including Israel in fold

Jan 14, 2019

Egypt has hosted its first ever regional gas forum, with several government delegations attending including the Israeli Energy Minister in the first such government invite for an Israeli Cabinet minister since its 2011 Arab Spring uprising

Saudi energy minister concerned about oil price volatility

Jan 13, 2019

Saudi energy minister urges oil producers to do better to narrow price swings from $60 to above $86 a barrel

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