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Militants attack Iran military parade, killing at least 25

Sep 22, 2018

Militants disguised as soldiers opened fire on an annual Iranian military parade in the country's oil-rich southwest, killing at least 25 people and wounding over 60 in the deadliest terror attack inside Iran in nearly a decade

Iran launches air maneuvers near strategic Strait of Hormuz

Sep 21, 2018

Iran's news agency: Air force holds drill in Persian Gulf waters on anniversary of start of Iraq-Iran war

Qatar Airways announces $69 million revenue loss this year

Sep 19, 2018

Qatar Airways announces $69 million loss this year off revenue of $11.5 billion amid boycott of Doha by Arab quartet

Cybersecurity firm: More Iran hacks as US sanctions loomed

Sep 19, 2018

Cybersecurity firm warns Iran government-backed hackers stepped up efforts after Trump pulled America from nuclear deal

Cyprus, Egypt set to sign deal for offshore gas pipeline

Sep 18, 2018

Egypt's oil minister says Europe stands to win from a deal Cyprus and his country will sign to pipe offshore natural gas to processing plants in Egypt where it will be liquefied for export to the continent

Fighting resumes in Libyan capital, causes mass power outage

Sep 18, 2018

Fighting between rival militias in Libyan capital flares up again, breaking cease-fire and causing power outages

OPEC chief: Cartel must stay together as US sanctions Iran

Sep 18, 2018

OPEC chief says cartel must stick together for the good of the global economy as Iran faces renewed US sanctions

Iran looks warily to China for help as US sanctions resume

Sep 12, 2018

Iran looks warily to China for help as US sanctions resume, but Beijing has its own interests

AP Interview: Iran nuclear chief hopes deal will survive

Sep 11, 2018

AP Interview: Iran's nuclear chief tells The Associated Press that he hopes the atomic deal between Tehran and world powers survives, but warns the program will be in a stronger position than ever if not

Fears rise, diapers vanish: Iran currency crash causes chaos

Sep 5, 2018

Fears rise, goods like diapers disappear as Iran's currency plunges to new low since US withdraw from nuclear deal

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