Energy Industry

Cyprus says drilling indicates potentially big gas deposit

Feb 8, 2018

Cyprus' energy minister says exploratory drilling off the island's southern shore has shown indications of a potentially sizeable gas deposit

Bahrain arrests 4 in pipeline blast, laying blame on Iran

Feb 7, 2018

Bahraini authorities say police have arrested four men suspected of being behind a blast on a state-run oil pipeline in November

Saudi anti-corruption purge winds down, but questions emerge

Feb 7, 2018

Saudi Arabia's unprecedented anti-corruption campaign shows diminishing power of wealthy royals in face of crown prince

Correction: Iran story

Feb 5, 2018

Correction: Iran story

Gas search, economy, peace talks on Cyprus president's plate

Feb 5, 2018

A hydrocarbons search, reunification talks and revving up the economy on re-elected president's priority list

Israeli defense chief: Lebanon will pay for Iranian meddling

Jan 31, 2018

Israel's defense minister says Lebanon would "pay the full price" for Iran's entrenchment in any future war, the latest in a series of Israeli warnings about Tehran's growing presence in neighboring Lebanon and Syria

Egypt thanks Eni for gas field efforts despite Regeni affair

Jan 31, 2018

Egypt's president has again accused unknown parties of being behind the 2016 murder of an Italian researcher, alleging a failed plot to sabotage bilateral relations during a ceremony marking the start of a massive gas project with Italian energy firm Eni

Iraq signs rare gas deal with US firm

Jan 22, 2018

Iraq has signed a deal with a U.S. company to tap natural gas in one of its southern oil fields, a step toward exploiting a natural resource that has been neglected for decades

Iran's navy kicks off annual drill near key Strait of Hormuz

Jan 22, 2018

Iran's state TV says country's navy has kicked off its 2-day annual drill near strategic Strait of Hormuz

Iraq, BP sign initial deal to develop Kirkuk oil fields

Jan 18, 2018

Iraq and British energy giant BP have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop lucrative oil fields in the country's north

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