Yellowstone Park says its winning against non-native fish

Jun 5, 2017

Researchers trying to preserve native cutthroat trout in Yellowstone National Park say they are on track to eliminate non-native predator fish from Yellowstone Lake in about a decade

Surfing world icon Jack O'Neill who pioneered wetsuit dies

Jun 3, 2017

Jack O'Neill, a Northern California surfing world icon that pioneered the wetsuit, has died

Ominous and overlooked: Back-bay flooding plagues millions

May 30, 2017

Back-bay flooding tends to be overshadowed by more dramatic oceanfront storm damage but is no less insidious

Orlando's not the only hot spot: theme park fun around US

May 24, 2017

Orlando's not the only hot spot for theme park fun: Lots of new attractions around the US

Science Says: Whale of a mystery solved? How they got so big

May 23, 2017

Scientists may have solved a mystery about the biggest of whales and how they evolved

Exhibit explores heyday of Atlantic Ocean luxury liners

May 19, 2017

A museum exhibit in Salem, Massachusetts, is exploring the golden era for the luxury liners that once crossed the Atlantic Ocean

China conducts demolitions at Tibetan Buddhist study site

May 19, 2017

Chinese authorities in southwestern Sichuan province have evicted followers and razed scores of homes at one of the world's largest centers of Tibetan Buddhist learning in a months-long operation that has drawn protests from Tibetans in exile

Orcas prey on great white sharks in South African waters

May 18, 2017

Rare autopsies show how orcas prey on great white sharks in South African waters

Tiny uninhabited Pacific isle has 38 million pieces of trash

May 17, 2017

When researchers traveled to a tiny, uninhabited island in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, they were astonished to find an estimated 38 million pieces of trash washed up on the beaches

An alert researcher, teamwork helped stem huge cyberattack

May 14, 2017

An alert researcher, a cheap domain name, cross-ocean cooperation helped stem effects of cyberattack

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