DUI Lawyer Offers Drug Attorney Services To Los Angeles Residents

May 23, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - The Los Angeles based attorneys at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer would like to make local residents aware of their DUI attorney services. The firm is known to pursue the full dismissal of any and all DUI charges faced by their clients.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is, under the Criminal Code, a very serious offense that can have very harsh repercussions from fines to jail time to the cancellation of licenses. Therefore, a competent DUI attorney will often attempt to ascertain whether the charged party was actually under the influence, legally, at the time of their arrest. They may question how accurate the test in question was, especially if the arresting officer carried it out improperly. Find out more here: Drug Recognition Expert.

Those found to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can face very serious consequences that could leave them in a very difficult financial situation or even cost them their license. Trials for drugged driving are contested on highly technical grounds based primarily on evidence collected from the site where the accused was pulled over, in addition to eyewitness accounts. The attorney chosen to represent a client in such cases can make the difference between paying expensive fines and possible losing their license, and getting off without having to deal with either.

The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer has a team of highly qualified attorneys who have a wealth of experience in defending cases related to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. “Using effective techniques and know-how based on experience, we defend each and every case with vigor. Crucially, drug impaired driving is a time-sensitive issue because our cases are built primarily on collecting evidence from the site—and therefore contacting an attorney immediately is important,” says the firm.

DUI offenses have, over the years, been the most common criminal case to be on trial in the courts in Los Angeles or California, and the number of DUI arrests goes up every year. As Los Angeles DUI Lawyer states, “The most heavily-litigated criminal cases in Los Angeles, CA are related to DUI laws. However, the proof for impaired driving and later conviction is largely based on the observation of eye-witnesses and the investigating officer. While proof of an over 80mg offense entails taking a breath sample or blood sample to measure the level of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), it can be more complex in the case of impaired driving due to the consumption of drugs.” Learn more here: Driving under the Influence of Drugs Los Angeles.

The firm offers free in-person consultations to try and determine what each client’s situation is and how best to deal with it. The consultation involves a personal meeting with a highly experienced DUI lawyer who can help put the client at ease and assure them that the case is under their control. “This is an extremely stressful time in an accused’s life, and therefore we do not place any time restrictions on the meeting,” says Los Angeles DUI Lawyer. “Our expertise ranges from a range of different criminal litigation with an extreme focus on impaired driving offenses. When visiting our offices we will take some time to read through your disclosure and evaluate your case. This can take some time but it is very important for us to thoroughly review your criminal matter in an appropriate setting.”

Los Angeles residents who find themselves in need of a drunk driving lawyer Los Angeles may contact the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer for a free initial consultation. The firm has a number of trained, experienced lawyers on hand to help clients through any case, no matter how bleak it may seem. The laws regarding DUIs in Los Angeles are very precise and strict but with the help of a qualified, well trained lawyer, it is possible to beat a DUI charge without losing a client losing their license or paying a hefty fine.

As the firm’s site states, “our experienced team has a deep knowledge of handling cases specific to certain jurisdictions like Los Angeles, California. Due to our extensive experience, we are well-versed with the judges and prosecutors here in Los Angeles, which gives us an added advantage. If you have any inquiries, please contact us today.”


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